Construction Skills recruits and trains youth and adult New York City residents for careers in the unionized building and construction industry.

The training curriculum is designed to include “soft skills” such as professionalism and job readiness, “basic skills” such as math and industry overview, and “technical skills” such as aptitude or physical exam preparation.

Most importantly, the training curriculum includes “essential skills” such as an understanding of industry, employer, and apprenticeship program expectations, unionism, layoff practice and apprenticeship rules, proper work attire and safety equipment, break time and lunch time, and employer timesheets and overtime.

Direct Entry

Participants who successfully complete the Construction Skills pre-apprenticeship training earn a Direct Entry referral to a unionized apprenticeship program for which they are qualified. Direct Entry simply exempts qualified candidates from the General Recruitment, however, candidates must meet any and all entrance requirements.


CSKILLS provides apprenticeship preparation training comprised of classroom and hands-on components which include:


  • Introduction to the NYC Building Trades
  • Trades Math
  • Health and Safety Overview
  • Trades Speaker Series
  • Apprenticeship Training Facility Tours


Simulated construction site experience helps participants acclimate to a typical construction site environment and hone skills such as teamwork, leadership, and safe work habits.


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Construction Skills is Dedicated to Preparing a Trained & Skilled Workforce

With an outstanding rate of success, including a retention rate of 80%, Construction Skills has resulted in a stronger, more diverse workforce with African Americans, Hispanics and Asians from all five boroughs representing the majority of new union members in the industry. 

Construction Skills provides the training and the access to the exciting and rewarding careers available in the unionized construction industry. Our graduates are not only helping to shape New York City’s skyline—they are building bright futures. 

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